State of TRACOM – February 2020

Greeting Marines,

TRACOM is rolling hard into this new year to include a reorganization of our internal structure.  Visit the new Command Staff Policy Manual if you have questions on that. We have made some good strides forward and had just as many hurtles that have set us back already and it is only February, but we are working toward a brighter future.

TRAINING Section – The conversion of the SFMC Academy to the Moodle site was moving along until the website itself ran into some technical issues. I want to thank MGEN Shane Russell for all the hard work he has put in to make this conversion happen. The Fleet Moodle staff is still working through the website problems as quickly as they can and will bring it back up as soon as possible.  Marines can still request courses through the SFMCA website ( or by directly emailing the course directors to ask for courses. We have numerous positions open in the Training Section that we are currently taking applications for. Here is a short list of some that we need people for, I urge anyone interested to step up at this time.

  • Deputy Superintendent – SFMCA
  • Awards, Devices, and Certifications Officer
  • Professional Development Director
  • Officer Development Director
  • Infantry Director
  • Maritime Director
  • Strategy and Tactics Director
  • Assistant Directors for *ALL* Schools

DOCTRINE Section – Earlier today I announced the new Doctrine DCO, BDR William Hof. He has a long uphill job ahead of him.  There currently needs to be a full revision of all fictional branch and doctrine related manuals that are utilized within the SFMCA.  In order to accomplish this, I do not expect BDR Hof to do this job alone, he is going to head this effort up, but he is going to need lots of help.  I am going to challenge every marine that wants to have a hand in refreshing these manuals, and how our fictional organization works out there in space, to step up and help.  We need help in all of the following areas in various capacities – Publication & Manuals, Research & Development, New Course Development.

TRACOM is moving forward and continuing to train the Marines of the future, don’t be left behind.


MGN Brian “Yogi” Landry