Commandant (DANT)


Lieutenant General Rey Cordero

The Marine Forces Manual describes the Commandant as follows:“Appointed by and answerable to the Vice Commander, STARFLEET, the Commandant is the top of the SFMC Chain Of Command (COC). He is responsible for the Corps as a whole, and his duties include: Acting as liaison between STARFLEET and the Corps; appointing all members of the General Staff; appointing and overseeing the Office of History; accounting to the SFMC membership on Corps financial matters; forwarding to the SFI Executive Committee his own recommendations for promotion of SFMC personnel to the rank of Colonel and above (although he has no authority to directly promote); and reporting to STARFLEET, through its various publications what is happening in the Corps.”

Essentially, the Commandant is responsible for the overall management of the SFMC and is ultimately responsible for the actions of the General Staff. The Commandant must report to the membership of the SFMC every month through the SFMC mailing list and every other month through an article in the Communiqué regarding the current status of the SFMC as well as plans and goals being pursued by the Commandant and the General Staff to improve the efficiency and organization of the SFMC.