Sergeant Major, STARFLEET Marine Corps (SGM/SFMC)


Sergeant Major Steve Sardeson

The SGM/SFMC is responsible for acting as an advocate for the enlisted members of the SFMC; developing the Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) chain of support by recruiting and retaining NCOs; advising the Commandant and other members of the General Staff on issues that concern the enlisted ranks within the Corps; and promoting and assisting in the organization of community service activities at all levels within the SFMC.

In Accordance With the Marine Force Manual:
The Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) is the engineer of the Fleet, while the officers are responsible for getting the job done, we have the job of figuring out how to do it. We have the best job in the Fleet. The officers will look to their NCOs and Senior NCOs for the direction and guidance and we will give it to them. As an NCO, we must keep in mind that any new officer will need the guidance that the NCO can and should give, but we must remember that they are officers and they are due the respect that their rank rates. While we are to act as the officers guides, our first responsibility is to the troops under our command. Any enlisted member, whether or not they are STARFLEET Marines, or FLEET members, we need to look out for them. We are a “Band of Brothers and Sisters” and we need to keep that in mind for as long as our enlistment is current.”

The Motto of the SFMC NCO Corps

Service Before Self

The Slogan of the SFMC NCO Corps
Excellence in Everything We Do