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About Us

The Starfleet Marine Corps Academy was established by Commander Starfleet in 2164 when it was determined that Starfleet Academy could no longer adequately meet the needs of both services. The historical home of the United States’ Navy and Marine Corps academies, Annapolis, was selected as the new home of the SFMCA. The head of the Academy, known as DCO-Academy, TRACOM, is still headquartered at the main campus in Annapolis.

The motto of the SFMCA is “Facta Non Verba” or, in Federation Standard, “Deeds not Words.” This is reflected in the more informal academy slogan, “We lead by example… whether we mean to or not.” The DCO-Academy, TRACOM reports to the Commanding Officer of the Training Command (COTRACOM) who, in addition to the SFMCA, oversees branch schools, enlisted personnel training, advanced technical schools, and periodic skill re-fresher courses. Most of these courses are held either at one of the SFMCA facilities, or at one of the many training facilities in the New Valley Forge system which is home to TRACOM.

These facilities, together with an Oberth class spacedock serving as TRACOM headquarters, comprise Station Valley Forge. Today, the SFMCA consists of 5 campuses, 8 training worlds, and 42 ranges and field courses throughout the United Federation of Planets. Together with Station Valley Forge, the SFMCA comprises one of the largest and most advanced military training organizations in the known universe.