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The General Staff

sfmc_seal_250The General Staff is the decision-making body of the SFMC and is made up of the top officers of the Corps. These officers are charged with creating and implementing policy within the Corps. Decisions are made by a majority vote of this body. The General Staff is comprised of the Commandant (DANT); Deputy Commandant (DEPDANT); Commanding Officer, Forces Command (FORCECOM); Commanding Officer, Information Command (INFOCOM); Commanding Officer, Training and Doctrine Command (TRACOM) and the Sergeant Major of the Corps.

SFMC General Staff

Commandant (DANT)
General Edward C. Tunis III

Deputy Commandant (DEPDANT)
BGEN S. Christopher Boggs

Sergeant Major, STARFLEET Marine Corps (SGM/SFMC)
Sergeant Major Steve Sardeson

Commanding Officer Forces Command (COFORCECOM)
Lieutenant General Michael J Timko Sr

Commanding Officer Information Command (COINFOCOM)
Captain Meg Karper

Commanding Officer Training and Doctrine Command (COTRACOM)
General Michael Malotte