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Commandant (DANT)


Commandant (DANT)
General Edward C. Tunis III

The Commandant is appointed by the Director of Auxiliary Services, Director Auxiliary Services (DAS), in consultation with the Commander, STARFLEET. The Commandant reports to the DAS and is the top of the SFMC Chain of Command (COC).

The Commandant is responsible for the overall management of the SFMC and is ultimately responsible for the actions of the General Staff and their duties include but are not limited to acting as liaison between STARFLEET and the Corps, appointing all members of the General Staff and personal staff, accounting to the SFMC membership on Corps financial matters, forwarding to the SFI Executive Committee recommendations for promotion of SFMC personnel to the rank of Colonel and above, and reporting to the STARFLEET membership, through its various publications.

Command Staff – The Commandant’s staff shall be organized as such:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Project Officer (Research)
  • Project Officer (Operations)
  • Comptroller
  • Quartermaster
  • Historian
  • Corps Public Information Officer