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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The SFMC is a branch of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (SFI/STARFLEET) that falls under the purview of the Vice Commander STARFLEET. Having been in operation going on 30 years and having almost 900 members that STARFLEET Marine Corps is also the one of the largest continually operating military themed Star Trek groups in existence.

    Members of the STARFLEET Marine Corps include veterans and active duty military as well as people who just prefer a ‘military flavor’ to their Star Trek fan activities. The SFMC is organized along traditional military lines, in the same manner as SFI. However, instead of being organized along Navy lines, and using terms such as ‘Ships’ or ‘Shuttles’, the SFMC uses ground force equivalents such as ‘Brigades’ or ‘Strike Groups’.

    Members of the SFMC are dedicated to the same principles as other members of SFI, including community service and charity fund raising. However, because so many of our members identify with the real-world military, a significant amount of our focus is on organizations that associate with or assist military members, veterans and their families. Good examples are Operation Eagle, the Overseas Coupon Project, and the annual United States Marine Corps ‘Toys for Tots’ holiday drive.