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SFMC Unit Awards

SFMC Unit Awards
These are worn on the right side of the chest, across from the individual award


Legion of Honor/Valor (LoH/LoV): Issuing Authority 
SFMC Commandant/BDE OIC respectively 
Frequency: Annual. Marines will wear the highest award earned for a given year. 
Gold/Silver crossed Rifles

Legion of Honor – This award is given to the SFMC unit that most exemplifies the spirit, image and attitude of the Corps. This unit shouldset the standard for conduct, appearance, motivation and activity for which all STARFLEET Marine units strive. Normally, the General Staff selects the top three candidate units for this award from among the Legion of Valor recipients in the various brigades, and passes those units on to the Commandant for his selection of the final recipient.

Legion of Valor – This award is given to the Brigade unit that most exemplifies the spirit, image and attitude of the STARFLEET Marine Corps within that Brigade. This unit should set the standard for conduct, appearance, motivation and activity Valor winner from that year’s recipients of the Meritorious Unit Citation.Marines will wear the device for the highest earned in a given year, meaning over the years more than one level could be earned. Both can be displayed on the same ribbon, with the highest level device (LoH) on the viewer’s left (wearer right), with any subsequent award stars going to the right of that device. The  LoV, if also worn (earned in a different year) will be to the viewer’s right of the LoH and any subsequent stars. Any LoV stars are right of that device.  Maximum of 4 total devices on the ribbon. 

Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC): Issuing Authority BDE OIC/COFORCECOM
Frequency: As Needed

COFORCECOM may award a brigade staff this citation, for exceptional work done on the behalf of SFMC, and setting the standard for other brigades to follow. If awarded as such, the wearer will add a small gold frame to the ribbon. 

Commandant’s Campaign Award
Issuing Authority (CCA):
Frequency: As Needed

This ribbon is given for completing or participating (certain criteria may have to be met to qualify) in a Commandant’s Campaign.

Wilderness Challenge Qualification Badge(WC):
Issuing Authority:
Frequency: As Needed

Awarded to all participants of an approved Wilderness Challenge. Each year’s approved Wilderness Challenges will have a specific device assigned. Multiple devices can be worn on this ribbon.

Brigade Challenge Award (BCA)
Issuing Authority: Respective approved Brigade OICs
Frequency: As Needed

Awarded, with appropriate assigned device, per guidelines established for each authorized Brigade Challenge. Each Brigade may propose a challenge/activity that serves the entire SFMC. Challenges/activity requires General Staff approval.
Field Training Exercise – Hosted by Third Brigade. Gaming with fellow marines earns points. Bronze/Silver/Gold crossed rifles are the assigned devices for this challenge.