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Information Command (INFOCOM)

Commanding Officer, Information Command (COINFOCOM)
Lieutenant  General Mike Timko

Deputy Commanding Officer, Information Command – Operations (DCOINFOCOM)
Admiral Mark Anderson

Deputy Commanding Officer, Information Command – Administration (DCOINFOCOM)
                                                             Captain Meg Karper


Information Command Mission Statement
Information Command (INFOCOM) provides the resources necessary to communicate the STARFLEET Marine Corps goals, activities, etc… through the ever-changing world of communications. To accomplish this INFOCOM uses the latest technology available to it to provide the Corps with audio/video projects, printed resources, and whatever the future may bring in the terms of communications.

The SFMC Policy Manual describes the Commander Information Command as follows:

“The COINFOCOM is also responsible for the creation and distribution of all Corps non-academic publications and manuals. They are responsible for ensuring all information contained in publications is correct and is revised on a regular basis, on order or at least every three years.”

Deputy Commanding Officer, Information Command
The DCOINFOCOM is second in command and as such will be placed in command of Information Command if the COINFOCOM is incapacitated or no longer able to fulfill their duties. The Deputy Commanding Officer Information Command (DCOINFOCOM) is responsible for the publication of the Corps Newsletter ‘Attention on Deck’, along with supervising activities across Corps email and social media platforms.