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SFMC Scholarship

SFMC Scholarship Program.  This page outlines the STARFLEET Marine Corps Scholarship. Here you can find information regarding who is eligible, how to apply, download an application, and even donate to the fund. 

Who? and What for?
Any and all active STARFLEET Marine Corps members are eligible to apply for the SFMC scholarship to help you continue or begin your studies in any junior/community college, four-year college/university, graduate school, or most technical school programs leading to a degree or certificate, while enrolled in an ROTC program for one of the Armed Forces*.

Proof of at least 4 years of prior military service in their country’s armed forces or current service with the equivalent of National Guard or eserves). This is required ONLY if you are not going to be enrolled in an ROTC program or its equivalent.

How much?
The SFMC Scholarship is currently valued at $250 and will be paid directly to your schools finance office or equivalent.

The application period is open through June 1st for awards to be announced July 1st and recognized at the International Conference and used for the upcoming school year. That means your application must be received by June 1st! Don’t be late!

How do I apply?
Easy! Simply submit your completed application packet (the application form, your essay, references, and transcripts) to your friendly neighborhood Scholarship Coordinator. Instructions and addresses for submital are outlined in the application. To download the application click here.

What if I have questions?
If you have any questions regarding the SFMC Scholarship email them to

What if I want to donate?
Donations are always accepted! To donate just click on the button below. We use PayPal to handle all donations. So you can be rest assured that your financial information remains safe and secure. Please note that your donations to the SFMC Scholarship fund ARE NOT tax deductable.