SFMC Wall of Honor

Description: No ribbon awarded.

Issuing Authority: SFMC General Staff
Once per STARFLEET Member

Requirements and criteria:
Members, in good standing, of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. who pass away during preceding year will be eligible for inclusion on the SFMC Roll of Honor.

Any Member is eligible, but a recommendation must be submitted to the GS, detailing their involvement and accomplishments within the SFMC. Any number of this award may be made each year as needed. Special exception to the “preceding year” criteria may be made in the first year of this award. The General Staff may also add names to the wall on their own nomination if they feel it is appropriate.Special: At the annual SFMC Muster/STARFLEET International Conference, the names of the additions to the Roll of Honor will be read, followed by a moment of silence, then a final salute from their fellow Members to honor “absent friends.”This award may not ever be named for any specific Member, as the intent is to honor all members of STARFLEET who have passed away. The Roll of Honor will be maintained on the SFMC website and will be composed of a background of black marble, and the names will be in white and list name, rank, branch of service, and year of passing.
Submission of Names:

Names of members who pass away during the preceding year (except the first year of this award) will be submitted to the Commanding Officer, Information Command for action in accordance with the policies of the SFMC General Staff for considering names to be included in the Roll of Honor. Deadline for submission will be April 1 of any year for announcement at the STARFLEET International Conference/SFMC International Muster being held that year.

Inscribed below are the names of those members of STARFLEET that have passed on and are standing the Eternal Watch. We honor them by listing their names here.