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Team Delta

Every military academy in the known galaxy has a program for their best students. These are students who have performed above the rest of their classmates in every conceivable way. They are the best of the best. At the STARFLEET Academy these students are known as Red Squad, but here at the STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy they are known as Team Delta. It should be noted that while Team Delta is an elite cadre of individuals like those that comprise Red Squad, that is where the similarity ends. To become a member of Team Delta means that a Marine has elevated himself to a level of intellectual readiness that even surpasses that of a member of Red Squad. A Marine who is a member of Team Delta is truly the ultimate that the STARFLEET Marine Corps has to offer.


To be eligible for inclusion in Team Delta a marine must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Have completed level -301or -601 thesis type papers or projects where they have demonstrated their knowledge of their chosen subject matter. For example a submission of an exam for a -301 level would not constitute a strong nomination, but a well presented and highly original set of resource documentation and a set of exams would be considered.
  2. Have either completed all the level -301 or -601 projects or have rendered extraordinary service to the SFMCA and/or TRACOM in general may also be eligible for inclusion in Team Delta. Individuals who meet this requirement are considered ‘Honor’ inductees.

Below is the nomination criteria for inclusion in Team Delta:

  1. COTRACOM determines the deadline for nominations to be submitted on a yearly basis so that inductees may be announced at the International Muster.
  2. Nominations with regard to eligibility item number one (1) as listed above are made by the various branch and school directors in the SFMCA. All nominations should be forwarded onto COTRACOM and DCOTRACOM and include (Directors should be prepared to turn over any level -30 and -60 papers or projects of a nominee to COTRACOM and DCOTRACOM upon request).;
    • Name
    • SCC #
    • Reason for nomination.
  3. Nominations with regard to eligibility item number two (2) as listed above are made by COTRACOM and/or DCOTRACOM.

A maximum of six (6) marines are chosen each year. Of that a minimum of four (4) are chosen out of nominations submitted by the various branch and school directors and a maximum of two (2) are chosen out of the nominations submitted by COTRACOM/DCOTRACOM. Depending on the number and quality of nominations submitted by the directors COTRACOM may, at his discretion, choose not to induct any individual who meets the ‘Honor’ inductee criteria.


Induction into Team Delta is permanent. Members of Team Delta are authorized to wear a black double knotted cord attachment (Glendale SKU 066BK) with any cord they are authorized to wear on the uniform.